Rally Skills & Drills


Content: This 6-week session will take your Rally teamwork to competition levels.  Skill building techniques to improve rally obedience behaviors and heel work which may include exercises targeted at: turns, fronts, stays, stands, choose to heel, etc.

Prerequisites: Dogs must be age-appropriately vaccinated; Dog & Handler must have completed Novice Rally.

Schedule: Classes meet once a week for 6 consecutive weeks on the same day of the week and at the same time all 6 weeks unless otherwise noted.  The length of each class is 45 minutes.
  • A travel crate/kennel so the dogs can rest between runs
  • A sheet or cover for the crate
  • A chew to keep your dog occupied between runs
  • Covered food bowls
  • Pivot/front feet pedestal (small rubber feed bowls work well)
  • Platform (exercise step or other small raised platform)
Note: Please contact instructor for questions regarding equipment.

Class Registration

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Wednesday, 18 Aug 2021
$ 115.00
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