Rally Proofing


Content: This 6-week session will take your Rally skills to the next level and prepare for competition! In this course, we will practice Rally sequences while proofing distractions, such as: a judge that follows closely, noises, things on the floor, dogs warming up and/or barking outside of the ring, doors opening and people/dogs coming and going, working outdoors, etc.

Prerequisites: Dogs must be age-appropriately vaccinated; Dogs must be healthy including being free from internal and external parasites (including fleas, ticks, worms, etc); Dog & Handler must have completed Novice Rally. (Some Advanced Rally signs may be used, but will be modified for teams taht have not completed an Advanced Rally class.)

Schedule: Classes meet once a week for 6 consecutive weeks on the same day of the week and at the same time all 6 weeks unless otherwise noted.  The length of each class is 45 minutes.
Equipment: A travel crate/kennel so the dogs can rest between runs.

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