Bach Remedies can be used to help restore balance and harmony. As a natural alternative, these remedies are safe to use and can be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment. The appropriate remedy or remedies can be provided after consultation with the owner and pet.

Edward Bach (1886-1936) was a distinguished British physician. He developed a system of treatment based on flower essences. Bach's research into natural remedies led him to conclude that a positive, healthy state of mind could be restored by the energies found in flowering plants, trees, bushes and special waters. Treatment of the state of mind can contribute to improvements in situations of sickness and disease.

Use of the correct flower essence(s) can help restore the balance and harmony of an animal's true nature.  They are a totally natural, non-toxic product. They do not produce side-effects or complications which can be associated with drugs and other pharmaceutical products.  Flower essences provide a safe and gentle form of treatment.

Situations in which flower essences can be advantageous:

  • Your dog is experiencing stress due to a change in environment
  • Your dog has suffered an injury
  • Your dog is struggling with health issues
  • Your dog experiences fears or anxiety
  • Your dog has intense reactions to situations
  • Your dog is experiencing changes in routine
  • If you are experiencing stress, your dog probably is, too

As a graduate of Bach Level 1, Pet Education and Therapy, LLC can assist you in the selection of the proper flower essence. 


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