The Dog: The first step is to locate a dog that is capable of providing the support needed. This may potentially be a dog that is already in the household or may be a dog that will be new to the household. If you do not have a dog in the household, Pet Education and Therapy can assist you in locating the right dog.

The Evaluation: An evaluation is performed to ascertain that the dog has the drive, temperament and ability to perform as needed.

Training: Once the dog has passed the evaluation, training begins. Each dog is specially trained by a knowledgeable trainer to satisfy the needs of the individual.

Turnover: Once the dog has been trained, the individual (and family where appropriate) are trained to work with the dog so the dog is able to perform at the highest level and assist the handler in a more independent lifestyle.

Tools: Pet Education and Therapy will provide the handler with all the tools necessary to ensure success in public settings including a service vest and service dog certification.


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