No Jumping

Dog jumping on a person

Content: This 2 week workshop will help you teach your dog to keep "Four on the Floor". You will learn how to downshift the excitement of meeting and greeting, passing on the street, and seeing favorite people. This workshop will end the embarrassment of your dog leaving paw prints on everyone you meet. This workshop is ideal for those who have not even started to train their dog as well as those dogs that already know a number of commands. This workshop can be taken once, or you can come again and again as you conquer higher and higher levels of distraction. The workshop will feature a combination of instruction and practice exercises that are tailored to each participant's level of skill. Help your dog take a giant leap ... towards embarrassment free encounters with those you meet! 

Prerequisites: Dogs must be age-appropriately vaccinated; Dogs must be healthy including being free from internal and external parasites (including fleas, ticks, worms, etc).

Schedule: Classes meet once a week for 2 consecutive weeks on the same day of the week and at the same time both weeks unless otherwise noted.  The length of each class is 45 minutes.

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