Dog in a Down

Content: Is your dog difficult to control in public? Is your dog aggressive with other dogs? Then you may need Feisty Fido class.

This 6-week session is specifically designed for dogs that are aggressive with other dogs and hard to manage in public settings or in a classroom environment. We focus on increasing attention and responsiveness in your dog.

We will help you and your dog to be more comfortable and less reactive in situations where there are other dogs present. All this is done through POSITIVE training and desensitization.

Each Feisty Fido offers:
  • One trainer per two dogs for increased attention and management;
  • Very small class size;
  • Controlled training environment;
  • Positive solutions for you and your dog.
Prerequisite: Dogs must age appropriately vaccinated; Dog & Telephone consultation prior to registration.

Schedule: Classes meet once a week for 6 consecutive weeks on the same day of the week and at the same time all 6 weeks unless otherwise noted. The length of each class is 45 minutes.

No people aggressive dogs, please. If your dog is people aggressive,please contact us for a behavior modification consultation.

Contact us for more information.
Classes held at the CT Humane Society in Newington
Cost of the Class:  $250