Terms & Conditions


Training is provided by Pet Education and Therapy, LLC (“Trainer”).

Client agrees payment is for specific training course. Classes may be rescheduled by Trainer due to uncontrollable circumstances. No refund will be given under such circumstances.


Payment is due prior to the start of training. No refunds will be given unless the entire training course is cancelled by Trainer.

Training sessions and classes are not transferable.  Mandatory training, prepaid with the CT Humane Society, will only be valid for one registration.  Once registered, the training session cannot be modified.

Client understands that this serves as an invoice and takes full responsibility for prompt payment of fees.  A handling fee of $25.00 will be charged for a returned check.  In the event it is necessary to initiate collection proceedings on the account, Client will be responsible for all attorney fees and costs of collection.  A finance charge of 15% per month will be added to unpaid balances after thirty (30) days.


Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless, and hereby waive and release Pet Education and Therapy, LLC, Trainer, Training Location and Staff harmless from any and all liability of any nature for any loss, damage, or injury to persons, animals or property arising from or related to Client, Client’s pet(s) or other pets, activities before, during or after training.

Client agrees that Training Location and/or Trainer shall not be liable for loss or damage to animal for any reason.


Client understands and agrees that, in the event it is necessary for Pet Education and Therapy, LLC, Trainer, Training Location and/or Staff to procure legal services, Client will be responsible for all attorney fees and associated costs.


Client agrees to comply with all requests and to follow all guidelines set by Trainer. This includes required and prohibited equipment for class as well as Pet Education and Therapy, LLC’s class rules for safety including but not limited to:

* Closed heel/toed shoes with rubber soles required.
* Some classes include off leash socialization upon instruction from the Trainer. Dogs must be on leash at all other times. Clients must hold on to leash at all times unless instructed otherwise by Trainer.
* Pet Education and Therapy, LLC utilizes positive training methods.
* Socialization is to occur only as instructed by Trainer during class.

Client may never use the following equipment in class: choke, prong or shock collar; chain or retractable leash.


Client understands that the degree to which a dog is successfully trained is a function of the interest, commitment, and cooperation of the Client. Client acknowledges and agrees that there is no guarantee that Client’s dog will achieve the desired level of training, despite the best efforts of the Trainer.


Client acknowledges and agrees that by providing Client’s email address, Client will be automatically signed up for the Pet Education and Therapy, LLC newsletter, PET Tails and the Audrey A Tucker Photography newsletter.  Client's contact information will also be provided to the facility at which the training is offered for their marketing purposes.