Jeanne Bahan shares her life with an entire pack of animals!  She has been instrumental in rescuing several of them. She has helped numerous animals improve their lives with their humans through a variety of training, as well as behavioral, issues.

She has saved animals in other ways as well … catching loose dogs out running on the street; finding a cat unconscious from a diabetic attack and getting him medical attention that saved his life; giving her love to a customer’s dog in the last days of his life and helping that customer through that difficult time; breaking up dog fights and doing all things humanly possible to ensure the safety of both the dogs involved in the fight. Jeanne’s love of animals (and people) knows no bounds.

Ms. Bahan is the Pied Piper of the Pet Education and Therapy playgroup.  She thinks it's just because of her "hotdogs", but even when the hotdogs are gone, the dogs are following her around because they know an incredible human when they see one! .