Peter Ionno has extensive experience, having worked with service dogs, search-and-rescue dogs, shelter dogs, and also pets. He has socialized puppies, and completed the basic obedience training of numerous German Shepherd dogs that have been successfully placed as working guide dogs throughout the United States and England.

Peter has two dogs of his own, a German Shepherd and a Pit Bull. He’s currently training the Shepherd for search work. The Pit Bull, before Peter rescued him, was nearly euthanized, having been condemned as un-socializable and aggressive by several. There were no shelters willing to take him. Peter adopted him, and he is now a friendly, well-adjusted, and beloved pet.

In the past, Peter has volunteered at several different shelters. In this capacity, he has trained a wide variety of breeds from a wide variety of backgrounds. He has been able to help the shelter dogs using positive reinforcement training which has improved their potential for adoption and their ability to stay in their new home. Peter has a disability specialist degree, and has also trained shelter dogs to perform various service-related tasks.

Peter helps clients use the positive techniques he has implemented with the shelter dogs so that they, too, can realize the benefits with their own dogs.